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How to locate your User Databases

The User Databases (and core database) are located in the following locations. [Your Home Directory]\Application Data\ResearchRankings\Pintensify\ [Your Home Directory]\AppData\Roaming\ResearchRankings\Pintensify\ [Your Home Directory]/Library/Preferences/ResearchRankings/Pintensify/ [Application Directory] Here you will find several databases, the core.db contains your templates and User References, and there is a db for each user that contains all the user settings.

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Usage Video

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Gearing up for a Huge Launch

As our launch date comes closer, we are super excited to unvail our latest work that’s been in the works for quite some time. We are now accepting pre-orders for crazy price of $297!! All pre-orders will get the Beta version prior to the official release as a thank you from us. More to be […]

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